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Unique Holiday Gifts for the Culinary Lover in Your Life

You can order honey that comes from the bees on our grounds. We always say that the honeybees are the hardest working members of our farm, and you can get honey in these three diverse ways from the hives we tend with love:

  • Cut honeycomb: Filled with deliciously fresh honey, silky smooth with incredible flavor, you’ll receive a waxy comb that’s overflowing with honey that hasn’t even been removed from the comb yet.

  • Creamed honey: Sweetly spreadable, our creamed honey melts in your mouth, a smooth and silky tasting experience that your gift recipients won’t ever forget.

  • Whole comb honey: Placed in a custom-made stand, there are endless opportunities for chefs and home cook entertainers to use this whole comb honey on bar carts, and on cheese, bread, and pastry display carts.

Marvelous Marmalade

The CVI team partnered with Emily Hutton of the Prospect Jam Company to transform ingredients into something new and enjoyable—a true win/win/win collaboration for The Chef’s Garden/CVI, for Prospect Jam Co, and for the people who receive this marmalade as a gift.

When you choose the Marmalade Trio, you’ll receive one each of these amazing flavors (and you can click on the links to see how to buy each one separately):

  • Tomato Marmalade: This is an incredibly delicious tomato marmalade that’s brightened with lemon and flavored with a touch of star anise.

  • Carrot Marmalade: This delightful carrot marmalade has flavor notes of carrot cake with warm baking spice and hint of citrus.

  • Pepper Marmalade: This simple pepper marmalade features colorful confetti of sweet peppers.

We also offer another unique marmalade flavor that can’t be beat: Beet Marmalade where The Chef's Garden heirloom beets are set in a bold, deep red marmalade with notes of tart cranberry and wine-like verjus rouge.

Pleasurable Pampering

The same gorgeous flowers and marvelous herbs used in chef’s recipes are now part of our soap and lotion, each hand made in Amish country. Here are more specifics:

  • Marigold Cucumber Bar Soap: Each time you use this deliciously scented soap, it’s like a waterfall of nature’s loveliness. Ingredients include marigold, cucumber, and orange.

  • Flowerhouse Lotion: When spread on your skin, it’s like taking a wonderfully poetic journey through a forest of cedar, spruce, and pine. This thoughtfully balanced blend is equally as appealing for men and for women.

That’s Not All!

Other unique holiday gifts at the CVI include the following:

  • The Chef's Garden: A Modern Guide to Common and Unusual Vegetables—with Recipes: In this guide and cookbook, Farmer Lee Jones, shares with readers the wealth of knowledge we’ve amassed on how to select, prepare, and cook vegetables. Featuring more than five hundred entries from herbs to edible flowers to varieties of commonly known and not-so-common produce, this book will be a new bible for farmers' market shoppers and home cooks.

  • Vegetable Print French Chef’s Work Shirt: Consider this exclusive, limited edition special veggie pattern print French chef shirt with flap button pocket, hidden sharpie slot, and traditional collar. Details incorporated include a longer back, armpit vents, and an apron strap tab to make this chef work shirt more functional. Oh! Check out that Farmer Lee Jones signature red bow tie!

  • Farmer Lee Jones Apron (for adults and kids): Get the whole family cooking in style with these one-of-a-kind bowtie chefs’ aprons.

  • Farmer Jones Market Tote: This tote is perfect for shopping, picnics, or grocery trips. Made from 55/45 recycled cotton/cotton material, it's small and lightweight yet sturdy enough to keep contents safe and secure.

  • Cover Crop Seed Blend: Cover crop blends are a mix of grasses, legumes, and other forbs that you can plant to control erosion and improve soil structure, moisture, and nutrition content.

  • Buckwheat Blini Mix: Blinis have a very fresh clean grassy flavor and, when made with attention to detail, are light and pillowy. Shagbark Mill in Southern Ohio milled this for us—making it another treasured collaboration.

  • Flowerhouse Shortbread Cookie Mix: Enjoy our unique take on delicately delicious shortbread, a treat once considered to be so special—so luxurious, so exceptional—that people typically only ate them on occasions like Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Each of us at the Culinary Vegetable Institute wish you the happiest of holidays and an extraordinary new year!

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