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The Culinary Vegetable Institute at The Chef’s Garden provides the world’s most forward thinking and creative chefs with a place to exchange knowledge, experiment with new ideas and discover cooking and growing techniques using the canvas of the most flavorful, colorful and nutritious vegetables on the planet. The synchronicity and collaboration that the CVI inspires between the farmer and the chef and old and new cooking and growing techniques is the foundation and guiding principle of the CVI.  

The cornerstone of the CVI is the relationship between the chef and the farmer and we are proud to offer unique team building opportunities, thought provoking events, hands-on learning opportunities and Earth to Table® experiences that capitalizes on the synergy between chef and farmer. 

The CVI includes a 1,500 square foot state-of-the-art two story kitchen designed by Mark Stech-Novak and includes a dining room with 22 foot ceilings capable of seating 90, an Executive Chef Suite with luxury amenities, accommodations for visiting chefs' teams, a culinary library; root cellar and wine cellar, and immediate access to experimental vegetable, forest and herb gardens. And with the farm nearby, chefs can experience The Chef's Garden planting and harvesting methods, harvest vegetables themselves and return to the CVI to experiment in the kitchen. 

Today, the CVI continues to foster our commitment to our chefs, but we have also opened our doors to the community by sharing our facility with corporations, organizations, and people who seek a unique venue for the most exceptional agri-culinary experience.

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