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Artisan Tomato Marmalade Collaboration (And More)

The Culinary Vegetable Institute and The Chef’s Garden always appreciate the opportunity to partner with like-minded people and companies. So, we’re thrilled to announce our newest collaboration, one with Prospect Jam Company, an artisan jam and marmalade company located in Ohio.

This collaboration came about when Chefs Jamie Simpson and Tristan Acevedo brainstormed ways to use farm-fresh produce from The Chef’s Garden in new and creative ways. “We love partnering with people who can work with us to transform ingredients into something new and enjoyable,” Tristan says, “and we love the products from Prospect Jam Co.”

So, conversations took place, with the result being uniquely delicious tomato marmalade, pepper marmalade, carrot marmalade, and beet marmalade. Some are complete, while others are still in process.

When the Culinary Vegetable Institute reached out to Emily Hutton, founder and owner of Prospect Jam Co., she was excited. “I’ve been a fan of The Chef’s Garden for a long time and I was eager to work with their products. It fits in well with our company mission, which is ‘Inspiring intentionally unique experiences through the craft of seasonal preservation while promoting creativity and collaboration.’”

Tomato Marmalade

This collaboration began when tomatoes were ready for harvest, so this crop was the focus of the first marmalade product. The farm shipped Emily a batch of Perfect Flame Tomatoes aka Jaune Flamme and she began experimenting with flavor profiles, ratios of ingredients, and textures to develop possibilities. After taste testing occurred, the result is an incredibly delicious tomato marmalade that’s brightened with lemon and flavored with a touch of star anise.

“It spreads like marmalade,” Emily says, “with sliced candied lemon peel. Then the spice rounds out and boosts the flavor of the perfect flame tomato.”

Sweet Pepper Marmalade

Second up is sweet pepper marmalade. The first batch of this variety was jarred last week and just needs packaged and labeled. “This has a really nice texture,” Emily says, “somewhere in between a jelly and marmalade. Because it contains a high ratio of chopped peppers, we’re calling it a marmalade. It contains red, yellow, orange, and green peppers, making it a colorful confetti. This sweet pepper marmalade is versatile, too. It can used on a cheese board and it can be used in a martini.”

Carrot Marmalade

“Picture sweet carrots mixed with warm fall baking spices,” Emily says. “It’s got somewhat of a carrot cake flavor profile, and you could swirl it in baked goods, use it as a glaze, or as an icing, besides the traditional ways to use marmalade.”

This variety is still in production stages.

Beet Marmalade

The marmalade recipe for the beet variety is still in process, and Emily is “super excited.” She says it’s in the final testing stages and describes what’s being created. “Picture a marmalade with beautiful beet flavor and color. I’m also using some verjus, made from pressing on unripe red grapes, to add wine-like undertones. This would be perfect with goat cheese.”

More About the Prospect Jam Co.

Emily was a pastry chef who loved to focus on high-quality ingredients and processes. Two years ago, she created Prospect Jam Co., a small artisan, small batch preserve company that produces a varied selection of intentionally unique flavors.

She limits her batches to 15 to 25 jars and uses a beautiful copper lid on the jarred preserves as an ode to the process. That’s because her marmalades and other preserves are made in copper pots. She loves to support local agriculture, sharing that “being connectional” matters.

Each original marmalade recipe using farm-fresh produce from The Chef’s Garden will be available online at and at Farmer Jones Farm Seasonal Market (remember that not all flavors are in production yet!) and will be made available online soon, as well. Also watch for them in upcoming holiday boxes.

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