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Vibrant Violas: Versatile Edible Flowers

Violas are stunningly beautiful blooms that come in a wide range of hues and contrasting combinations—ranging from the intense colors of black raspberry violas to the bright beauty of lemon meringue blooms. They provide the delicate, honey-vegetal flavors of Necco wafers, adding lovely layers of eye-catching colors and delightful crunch to plates and glasses alike. Here, Chef Jamie Simpson demonstrates three simple ways to use them to please your guests.

At the Bar: Blackberry and Viola Mojito

Make your magical mojito—and then add just the right amount of viola oil from dried flowers. This will give your drink an extra special touch.

Fine Dining: Fresh Violas

Imagine the flavor of a unique vinaigrette made with our house strawberry vinegar. We’ve been dreaming of this moment for years—and now it’s finally here.

Country Club Dining: Funfetti Cake

This funfetti cake is studded—not with sugar sprinkles but with incredible violas from The Chef’s Garden.

More About Violas

To experiment with the range of edible violas, you can enjoy seemingly endless amounts of choice, including:

Not sure which one (or more) is best? Contact your product specialist at 419.433.4947 for guidance.

We hope you enjoyed this installment of plating food techniques!

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