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The Perfect Pea Tendril

Pea tendrils offer up a mildly sweet, earthy flavor that’s reminiscent of fresh raw pea. You can keep the tendrils whole or pull them apart from the leaves, enjoying the incredibly tender and buttery texture and their eye-catching appearance. Here, Chef Jamie Simpson shares three ways to use them in a glass or plate.

At the Bar: Cocktail With Pea Tendril Syrup

This recipe comes from The Chef’s Garden book by way of Charlotte Voisey at William Grant & Sons. We start with a syrup made with pea tendril and finish with a cocktail we can't get enough of.

Fine Dining: Sugar Snap Pea Custard

When peas are out of season, don't buy them, make them! This is a sugar snap pea cast from Chicago Mold School with a custard of pea tendril, onion, and chive

Country Club Dining:

Functionally, for banquets, pea tendrils serve as a perfect indicator to the guests, the servers, and the cooks at large events. We use the the vegetable as the garnish to indicate the soup offered.

More About Pea Tendrils

Envisioning how you can use fresh pea tendrils in your own creative masterpieces? Varieties include the following:

We hope you enjoyed this installment of plating food techniques!

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