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The Extraordinary Exotic Kale

Precisely plating a dish is like painting a culinary picture, and exotic kale provides you with bountiful choices for your brush. Colors come from the stunning hues of purple, green, pink and white. Here are three ways that Chef Jamie Simpson uses exotic kale in his plates. 

At the Bar: Kale Tempura

Light as air but full of flavor, kale tempera provides a unique spin on this dish that is reminiscent of Japanese cuisine. The ancient art of tempura has a long and storied history and still pleases diners and bar guests today. 

Fine Dining: White Peacock Kale Salad

The white peacock kale offers up sweet and earthy flavor notes with a subtle peppery undertone. Leaves look stunning on the plate with vibrant, full-bodied leaves of green and ivory. 

Country Club Dining: Kale Knockout

Provide a touch of elegance in your country club with an exotic kale dish that comes complete with delectable walleye roe. To make it even more special and uniquely flavorful, add deft touches of nasturtium puree. 

More About Exotic Kale

Exotic kale from The Chef’s Garden allows for flavorful experimentation in your dishes with the marvelous kale varieties in this blend coming with nuanced riffs on kale’s sweet cabbage-like flavors and cruciferous crunch. 

We hope you enjoyed this installment of plating food techniques!

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