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Plating the Beautifully Unique Cucamelon

The cucamelon truly is unique, an egg-shaped fruit that looks like a mini-watermelon and tastes like sweet cucumber overlaid with a slightly sour taste of pickle. Here are three ways to highlight this amazing fruit.

Bar and Bar Snack: Feta Stuffed Cucamelons

This is amazingly easy to prep behind the bar. Simply core the tiny cukes and then store them in a salty pickle brine. When you’re ready to use them, pipe them full of whipped feta cheese and skewer them like an olive. Voilà!

Fine DIning: Gazpacho

When ingredients for this dish are in season, it’s incredibly delicious. Here, we make a smooth gazpacho and garnish it with parts and pieces of its base ingredients: peppers, cucumbers, cucamelons, tomatoes, & olive oil.

Banquet/Country Club Dining: Melon Soup

Top the soup with a cucamelon slice and cucamelon flower. Cucamelon and cantaloupe share unexpected affinities, complementing and contrasting one another at the same time. Fortunately, they’re in season together, so this is an easy combo to use.

More About Cucamelon

Cucamelons offer up a crunchy bite because of its skin with soft and juicy flesh inside. They offer up a wonderfully fresh aroma, too, the essence of the summer season.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this installment of our plating food series! Stay tuned for more.

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