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The Wondrous Winter Radish

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Plating Food: The Wondrous Winter Radish

Winter radishes offer up a wide spectrum of deliciously unique flavors from spicy to pungent in a rainbow of stunning hues. They add marvelous texture, too, being versatile enough to use as a bar snack, a plated banquet dish, a fine dining specialty and more.

Bar Snack: Chips and Dip

What’s the perfect bar snack? it depends upon the bar and, more importantly, the beverage—and, for this video, we demonstrate why the addictive winter radish can be the ideal choice. When shaved thinly and soaked in ice water, they’re incredibly snackable—and our chips and dip recipe perfectly complement a margarita with mezcal and an herb-infused agave syrup. The “dip” is a seasoned crema: a wonderful balance of salty, fatty, acidic, and smoky.

Fine Dining: Macédoine of Radish on Salmon

Whether your fine dining restaurant is French or not, many of your techniques were likely established a lifetime ago in the height of the French gastronomic revolution. The macédoine, an assortment of small-diced vegetables, is gently cooked in beurre monté, and the sauce is spooned over a sous vide loin of salmon cooked to 119ºF. We chose radishes because they lend themselves well to butter; because of their variety; and because the brunoises of radish is just an amazing experience to cook and to serve.

Plated Banquets: Salad of Arugulas, Winter Radishes, and Sorrels

The arugula salad is a ubiquitous banquet item, a crowd pleaser that delivers a ton of flavor with a smaller volume of product. We chose to highlight the shaved radishes because its addition to the plate costs mere pennies, has a long plate life for pre-plated operations, and delivers a spectrum of colors available in a single mixed bag of radishes.

More About Winter Radishes

Winter radishes are regeneratively farmed with love at The Chef’s Garden. Varieties include the:

We hope you’ve enjoyed this installation of our “Plating Techniques” series!

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