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Artistic Use of Beet Blush Leaves

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Besides being delicious and eye-catching, the beet blush leaf is a beautiful example of our mantra: every part of a plant’s life offers something unique to the plate. In the first post of our “Plating Techniques” series, we’ll share three concepts and apply beet blush to them.

Bar and Bar Snack: Red and White Sangria

Here, we’ve taken red sangria and infused it with red beets as well as a white sangria infused with gold beets. We then garnished the sangrias with corresponding leaves of beet blush.

Fine Dining: Canapes

Canapes are a great way to start a meal and to inject an element of surprise between courses. The beet blush is a cost effective, low prep concept to accomplish exactly that. Gently dressed however you choose and dusted with anything from popped amaranth to the beet, salt, and guajillo pepper powder shown, this will delight your diners.

Plated Banquets: Beet Salad

We start with a traditional beet salad and then finish the plate with beet blush. The magic to observe here is in the before and after.

More About Beet Blush

Beet blush leaves add sweet, rich, earthy layers of flavor to dishes and menus with varieties including:

We hope you’ve enjoyed the first installment of our “Plating Techniques” series. Stay tuned for more.

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