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Perfectly Plated Pea Blossoms

Besides being delicious, peas are incredibly versatile as they pair up beautifully with a wide range of other ingredients. Here, Chef Jamie Simpson plates them in three lovely dishes for the bar, fine dining establishments, and the country club.

At the Bar: Sweet Pea Gin Fizz

Using the pea simple syrup described in The Chef's Garden: A Modern Guide to Common and Unusual Vegetables, we used this syrup to create a beverage that’s an adaptation of a Ramos gin fizz topped with pea blossom.

Fine Dining: Pea Tart

A tart is a perfect way to begin or end a meal—small, simple, scalable, and memorable. This pea tart consists of parsnip puree, butter, and pea bloom.

Country Club Dining: Snow Pea Sushi

Beyond tamago and shiitake, vegetable-forward sushi isn’t getting the attention it deserves—which means there’s plenty of opportunity for innovation in this category. This recipe includes snow pea, rice, nori, and BLiS Smoked Soy.

More About Peas

The Chef’s Garden offers a rainbow of amazing pea varieties, including:

We hope you enjoyed this installment of plating food techniques!

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