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Marvelous Mushroom Leaf

Leaves of the mushroom plant, which is indigenous to Papua, New Guinea, allow you to impart the delicious flavor of mushrooms to creative dishes—adding a delightful crunch instead of the traditional texture of mushroom. Here are three ways that Chef Jamie Simpson uses the marvelous, appropriately named mushroom leaf. 

At the Bar: Smoked Scotch & Walnut Old Fashioned with Mushroom Leaf

Benefit from the fresh mushroom flavor: woodsy, earthy, umami. Every part of this plant is edible, which includes the blue/purple blooms, the stems, and the leaves. Cheers!

Fine Dining: Exploring the Forest Floor

For as long as Chef Jamie and Chef Richie Farina have known one another, they’ve explored natural plating surfaces, aesthetics, and aromas. It’s the details that make these concepts successful: fresh dew on the leaves, petrichor, scale, aroma, texture, color, and seasonality. Every detail is considered, and this mushroom leaf keeps these concepts more characteristically intact.

Country Club Dining: Lovely Layered Mushroom

Mushroom soup. Mushroom tourné. Mushroom leaf. 

More About Mushroom Leaf

Interested in exploring mushroom leaf in your own dishes and menus? Your product specialist at The Chef’s Garden will provide you with exactly what you want and need.

We hope you enjoyed this installment of plating food techniques! 

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