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Exploring Garlic Roots and Shoots

Garlic offers up a deliciously unique flavor that’s incredibly versatile. People have used garlic—one of the oldest known horticultural crops—for literally thousands of years, carrying this valuable ingredient with them as they migrated. Here, Chef Jamie Simpson shares three ways to make this delicious beauty fresh and new again.

At the Bar: Garlic Shoot Tempura

As we often say, every part of a plant’s life offers something unique to the plate and, with garlic, the root, bulb, scape, and bloom are all edible and totally delicious. This dish features a garlic clove dip and black garlic redux with the black garlic reduction being garlic juice treated like black garlic in mason jars. Over time, the sugars caramelize, and the liquid turns as rich as traditional black garlic.

Fine Dining: Laminated Brioche with Green Garlic Butter

Much like a Pillsbury

biscuit from the tube, this enriched dough is made, sheeted, and stacked between thin brush strokes of green garlic and butter. We then allow the layers to proof laterally in a terrine mold and bake to perfection.

Country Club Dining: Green Beans and Garlic

Consider this a love story! We’ve all had green beans and garlic at some point in our lives. It’s a perfect pairing that’s reminiscent of Grandma’s cooking, summertime cookouts —even that bistro in France. Each version is different, but they’re all deliciously memorable. So, let’s keep this story alive! Blanch and shock your green beans; butter a pan; and then add the beans, the garlic, and the salt. Serve.

More About Garlic Options

Garlic roots offer up true garlic flavor followed up by touches of heat. Strands are even thinner than angel hair pasta with a delightfully crisp texture. You can also use garlic shoots for the perfect blend of oniony-garlicky flavor with a nice crunch—and you can also use a combo of roots and shoots to beautifully layer the flavors.

We hope you enjoyed this installment of plating food techniques!

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