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Elegant Simplicity of Fresh French Beans

The French green bean—the lovely haricot verts—provides the succulently delicious taste of fresh bean, offering up a satisfying crunch when raw and a marvelous texture when delicately cooked. Here are three ways to flavorfully use French green beans and plate them beautifully.

Bar and Bar Snack: Crudites

Crudites are an excellent choice for bar snacks—ones including the more unexpected inclusion of raw beans. This is easy to execute with a clean food that’s perfect for snacking with a cocktail or two.

Fine Dining: French Beans with Mustard Seed and Caviar

Few textures are as luxurious as finely sliced French beans that are gently cooked and dressed in just enough butter to pull all together. Top with a spoonful of boiled mustard seeds and one single beautiful slice of dry cured caviar.

Banquet/Country Club Dining: Sprouted Grain Risotto

French beans brighten up any grain or legume dish, making them a perfect option for high-volume banquets. This dish is flavorful while being cost effective, easy to make, and easy to control portion size.

More About French Beans

French green beans from The Chef’s Garden are harvested by hand at the peak of freshness and flavor. Long, slender, and medium green, they are versatile and delicious.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this installment of our “Plating Techniques” series!

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