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Creative Uses of Citrus Lace

Citrus lace fits in perfectly with a wide range of dishes and cuisines with its lacy leaves having a silky texture and vibrant citrusy flavor. Here, Chef Jamie Simpson presents three unique ways to incorporate citrus lace into eye-catching presentations.

At the Bar: Liver and Onions

Beef Liver. Molé. Onion. Citrus coriander blooms.

Liver and onions as a dish exists across many cultures, going beyond the cafeteria food you may remember smelling: Arnavut Cigeri in Turkey, Hídago Encebollado in Mexico, 爆炒鸡肝 in China, Печінковий торт in Russia. Here’s a beef liver taco with onions and a very special appearance of citrus marigold, citrus lace, and citrus coriander bloom.

Fine Dining: Cake With Cream and Herbs

When guests reserve the CVI’s chef suite as a place to stay through Airbnb, our dinner option always changes although the general format remains the same. The same is true with this dessert. The cake itself may change, the cream that tops the cake may change, and the herbs and flowers that garnish the cake may change. The format, however, remains the same. Here, ingredients include almond cake, spiced chantilly, citrus coriander, citrus marigold, and citrus lace.

Country Club Dining: Choco-Taco

When we found an original choco-taco for sale on eBay for $25,000, we decided to make one for less. Much less! The shell is a meringue, dehydrated and glazed in tempered @valrhona. A baked potato ice cream gets topped with whipped chocolate mousse and then with peanut & chocolate glaçage. The taco is finished with chopped peanuts, citrus coriander, citrus lace, and citrus marigolds.

More About Citrus Lace

At The Chef’s Garden, our citrus lace offers up a marvelous tangerine flavor, and you can always count on receiving the most tender, flavorful, and aromatic leaves for your culinary creations.

We hope you enjoyed this installment of plating food techniques!

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