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Creative Uses of Cabbage

Cabbage is an incredibly versatile vegetable—and here, we’re going beyond the exploration of cabbage in soups, stews, stir fries, and slaws.

At the Bar: Kimchi Bloody Mary

The spicy, fermented flavors of kimchi juice serve as a natural addition to a unique Bloody Mary—with the acidic, intensely seasoned juice perfect to create an intense cocktail. Dilute with vodka and ice. Serve chilled.

Fine Dining: Seared Cabbage Wedge

This dish provides an easy-to-prepare, low-cost element of surprise for any diner. Treat it like a salad, burying it in dense emulsions, or treat it like elotes topped with the usual suspects. We dressed ours with anchovy and kale oil, topped with breadcrumbs, garlic purée, and sorrels.

Country Club Dining: Salmon Topped by Crispy Cabbage

Cabbage is an outstanding banquet item: it’s cost effective, a little bit goes a long way, and its “doneness” levels are forgiving. In this banquet presentation, we used a tender brothy cook at the base of the plate with a crispy outer leaf on top.

More About Cabbage

We invite you to try a new variety of cabbage. If, for example, you haven’t used arrowhead cabbage in your dishes and menus, you’re in for an unforgettable experience. Other options include napa cabbage, red napa, savoy cabbage, and red savoy. Use them in deliciously creative ways.

We hope you enjoyed this installment of plating food techniques!

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