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Creative Plating Techniques With Sorrel

Sorrel, with its sweet intro and tart finish, comes in numerous varieties. Each is amazing with chefs having their own favorites, choosing them because of their flavor, textures, and/or attractive appearances on the plate or in a glass.

Here, Chef Jamie Simpson shares three of his favorite applications of sorrel.

At the Bar: Last Word, Stirred

Amethyst sorrel leaves—crisp and acidic with lemony flavor and slightly sweet undertones—are a real winner in the beverage space. They’re easy to use and easy to love—like they are in this cocktail. Their triangular leaves also catch the eye, thanks to their shape and their hues, which can range from deep purple to magenta, or even near black, with paler centers.

Fine Dining: Ice Cream Dumpling

Picture steamed parsnip ice cream with sorrel powder on green sorrel. Fun fact: when you use dried lucky sorrel in your dishes and drinks, it retains its acidity.

Country Club Dining: Pork Loin With Apple

Sorrel. Apple. Pork loin. Sorrel stem (AKA zesty lemon sticks).

More About Sorrel

Serious about using sorrel in your own culinary creations? Contact your product specialist and select your favorites from these:

We hope you enjoyed this installment of plating food techniques!

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