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Celebrating the Celery Root

This unique root—light tan in hue, knobby and round—adds a deliciously pungent celery flavor to your dishes and menus. Other names for this edible root include celeriac, knob celery, and turnip-rooted celery—and here are three intriguing applications and plating techniques to consider for your dining establishment.

At the Bar: Pickled Celery Root

Celery root pickles nicely, creating an unexpected but delicious bar snack. Other reasons it’s ideal for a snack include how it holds its crisp texture when fermented and how it lends itself to other ingredients well, including but not limited to chervil, dill, and fennel.

Fine Dining: Celery Root Tart

How many feet of celery root ribbon does it take to fill this 4-inch tart shell? Experiment with this dish in your fine dining kitchen!

Country Club Dining: Layered and Baked Celery Root

Create a laminated dough by repeatedly folding and rolling thin layers separated by butter. Will it puff or crisp? This depends on your applications. What we do know: this recipe can be both memorable and magical.

More About Celery Root

Gain inspiration from these culinary applications and brainstorm your own with farm-fresh celery root from The Chef’s Garden.

We hope you enjoyed this installment of plating food techniques!

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