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Beauty of Brussels Sprouts

Named after its origin in Brussels, Belgium, Brussels sprouts offer up a wonderful savory flavor— both nutty and cabbage-like—and can be a thing of beauty on the plate. Here, Chef Jamie Simpson shares three delicious uses of brussels sprouts, plated in lovely ways.

At the Bar: Brussels Sprouts with Smoked Salmon

Smoked Salmon. Creme Fraiche. Bagel Chips. Brussels Sprouts.

After the first frosts, the brussels sprouts tend to become sweeter and more tender at their core. Here, we shave them thinly and serve them raw with other raw ingredients in an effort to find lightness in the weight of winter.

Fine Dining: Steamed Brussels Sprouts Heart

You’ve heard us say it a thousand times—and it’s still as true today as the first time we said it: every part of a plant's life offers something unique to the plate. Here we take the stalk of brussels sprouts and core it out. The heart is then steamed and blended with brussels sprouts, butter, and parsley. The purée is piped back into the hollow stalk and served with salted and fried outer leaves.

Country Club Dining: Fried Brussels Sprouts Leaves

When done well, fried brussels sprouts are crispy and highly aromatic. Thirteen years ago, Chef Jamie Simpson—a young chef in the southern part of the United States—thought he’d invented them. Then they started popping up on menus and he thought he’d influenced a region. Then he saw them everywhere and realized how he’d had nothing to do with this marvelous dish.

Too often, they’re dripping with grease, though, and improperly drained. So, here’s another way: Brussels Sprout. Egg. Potato. Pork Rind. Black Garlic Juice.

More About Brussels Sprouts

When you want to add brussels sprouts to your own dishes, The Chef’s Garden offers three excellent varieties available October-January:

We hope you enjoyed this installment of plating food techniques!

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