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Join us June 29th as Chef Reem Assil returns to The Chef's Garden to prepare an abundant family style feast for friends and family of the farm. Showcasing Arab Hospitality, each guest will experience cold and hot mezze courses featured in the book Arabiyya: Recipes from the Life of an Arab in Diaspora. Packed with fresh flavors and seasonal favorites, we look forward to showcasing our local terroir alongside Reem's Arab roots and her California culinary journey.


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About Chef Reem Assil:

Reem Assil is a Palestinian-Syrian chef and activist, based in Oakland, CA, working at the intersection of food, community, and social justice. She is the founder of nationally-acclaimed Reem’s California, an Arab bakery and restaurant that builds community across cultures and experiences through the warmth of Arab bread and hospitality.  Reem has garnered an array of top accolades in the culinary world, including James Beard finalist for Outstanding Chef (2022) back to back semifinalist for Best Chef: West (2018-19). Before dedicating herself to a culinary career, Reem spent over a decade as a community and labor organizer, building leadership to have a voice in their jobs and their neighborhoods. Reem is the author of New York Times-reviewed cookbook Arabiyya: Recipes from the Life of an Arab in Diaspora (2022).


Reem's California is an Arab street corner bakery that connects people across cultures and experiences through the warmth of bread and hospitality.  We believe in the power of food to build strong resilient community. Our vision is to be an anchor space that provides good jobs, delicious nourishing food, and a sanctuary space for all.


Photo Credit: credit Andria Lo


Dietary Restrictions and Allergies: All menus at CVI are thoughtfully customized for each event and express the inspiration of the farm at a given moment. As such, they are subject to change, and alternative ingredients are generally not readily available. If anyone in your party has any serious dietary restrictions and/or allergies, please notify us within 48 hours of the event so we may properly accommodate with appropriate consideration of substitutions or omissions.


Dress Code: The dress code is casual at all of our events unless otherwise noted; we dress as if we are entertaining friends in our home.  Please note that the drive and parking lot are unpaved so may be dusty in dry weather or muddy in inclement weather.


Cancellation Policy: Payment information is taken at the time of reservation. Due to our size and the unique nature of each of our events, cancellations affect us greatly. We must receive notice of cancellation no less than 48 hours prior to the event for credit of your payment.


Hospitality Included:  At the conclusion of the event, guests will no longer be presented with a guest check. Ticket prices will include the dining experience, service and sales tax. Guests will be asked for their payment information in advance of the event for beverages, gift shop, retail wine, gift certificate or other purchases. A copy of the itemized receipt and closed check will be emailed to you upon the completion of the evening. All service charges and sales tax will be included and no further action will be needed on your part.


Chef Reem Assil Dinner

    • Pricing is Per Person
    • Be sure to add a ticket for each person.
    • Service charge is included in ticket price
    • Add dietary restrictions at checkout.
    • Call us at 419-499-7500 with questions.
  • Date: Saturday June 29th, 2024

    Time: Doors open at 6:00 pm, Dinner at 6:30 pm

    Location: 12304 Mudbrook Rd, Milan, OH

    Dinner Per Person: $120 per person includes personalized book, 1per ticket

    Add Ons:

    • Drink Pairing: $60
    • Take Home Best of the Season Vegetable Box $85
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