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The Uniquely Delicious Kalette: It’s a Keeper!

Kalettes are a natural hybrid of kale and brussels sprouts. This marvelous vegetable takes eleven months to grow—not ready to be harvested until temperatures go below the point of freezing. At The Chef’s Garden, they’re picked after the kalette sugars increase with the result being incredibly sweet, flavorful, and super-tender winter gems. 

Here are three ways that Chef Jamie Simpson uses them in his dishes. 

At the Bar: Fried Kalette

When we started our food truck, fried kalettes were on the opening menu. They’re that delicious! Loosely battered and fried, you can serve them with spicy condiments. Chef Jamie says he’d serve them in the finest restaurant lounge or in a gravel parking lot on the side of the road. Find him during kalette season and you’ll find fried kalettes nearby.

Fine Dining: Celebrating Kalettes

The diversity of leaves in the cruciferous family is spectacular this time of year, and it’s worth celebrating. That’s why we made this dish. It tells a story of time and place, diversity and similarity—and how, although we may not all look the same, we’re all family.

Country Club Dining: Sautéed Kalette

In this dish, we’re bringing the family back together for a nice leafy change of pace from the standard side of sautéed brussels. Amazing flavor!

More About Kalettes

Enjoy a perfect fusion of sweet and nutty taste sensations with a satisfying crunch. Kalettes from The Chef’s Garden are delicious when raw as well as roasted, stir fried, steamed, and more. Ask your product specialist about them today. 

We hope you enjoyed this installment of plating food techniques! 

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