Sweet Potato Dog Treats for Your Four-Legged Family Members

Maybe Grandma and Grandpa had a dog named Fido when they first got married, one they fed outdoors and whistled for, as needed. If so, that probably wasn’t unusual behavior during that era. Large numbers of people today, though, consider their dogs to be members of their family with all of the special treatment that includes.

That’s not just our opinion, either! Numerous studies show how people’s perceptions of their pets have changed. For example, according to a nationwide study in 2019, 98 percent of dog owners now consider their dogs to be family members, “signaling not just a trend, but an ingrained lifestyle here to stay.” Contrast that to another study, one conducted in 2007, and that number was at 88 percent.

This shift in attitude has already changed what many pet owners are willing to feed their animals, with the studies we’ve read showing how:

  • Pet owners don’t want to have genetically modified ingredients in the dog’s food, with 43 percent of owners willing to “ante up for ‘non-GMO’ products.”

  • These consumers want their pet food to be “made in a kitchen” instead of in a lab.