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Jewel in the Lettuce Crown: Emerald Crystal

This lovely lettuce offers up fresh green flavor along with a tender, succulent texture—while also providing a nice crunch. Leaves are fleshy, a creamy-edged green. In the summer, there’s also a bonus: rose-colored edible flowers.

Here are three ways that Chef Jamie Simpson enjoys putting emerald crystal lettuce on a pedestal.

At the Bar: Brilliant in Cocktails

Emerald crystal lettuce plays in the same sandbox as saltbush, sedums, and oyster leaves.

Fine Dining: Royal Presentation without Escargot

We wanted to explore escargot and emerald crystal lettuce together as a garnish for a simple yet elegant presentation. However, our escargot dreams at fell through. When this happens, don’t force it. Be flexible. Here, we’ve taken Maître D butter and cooked it with fregola di sarda, olive oil-packed artichokes, and lupini beans with caciocavallo—served with a few slices of ciabatta. The emerald crystal lettuce stands up to hot buttery, oily, or cheesy food. It’s the swiss army knife of halophytes!

Country Club Dining: Soft Boiled Eggs and Crispy Salty Nests

We’ve played on this concept in The Chef’s Garden book and at a few dinners in the past—and this one should live forever. They’re easy to make, easy to serve, and easy to love. Use feuille de brick, brown butter, eggs, and anything else you want.

More About Emerald Crystal Lettuce

Interested in using emerald crystal lettuce in your own culinary treasures? Just let your product specialist know.

We hope you enjoyed this installment of plating food techniques!

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