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Uniquely Special Squash Blossoms

Fresh squash blossoms serve as a signature offering at The Chef’s Garden, so chefs at the Culinary Vegetable Institute enjoy finding distinctive ways to share their versatile beauty. Here are three different flavorful ways to incorporate them into your offerings, each attractively presented.

Bar and Bar Snack: Beignets

Little powdered doughnuts are as addictive as they are adorable. Plus, these elegant French-style desserts are perfect for light fare at the end of the evening, accompanied by a few glasses of wine or brandy.

Fine Dining: Squash Blossom Cornbread

Corn bread batter is a great base to pipe into squash blossoms. When fried, the batter expands and opens the bloom fully while the petal of the flower prevents the "hushpuppies" from absorbing unnecessary oil. Consider studding this batter with zucchini, ham, onions, fish, braised meats, or anything else you want to use to complement the dish.

Banquet/Country Club Dining: Steamed Fish

Fish is wrapped in squash blossoms before being gently steamed. The fish stays moist in banquet environments and can be held until ready for service. Meanwhile, the steamed squash blossom adds a nice blanket of color to a traditional banquet plate.

More About Squash Blossoms

This blossom was at the center of The Chef’s Garden’s first dance with a chef—a waltz that we at the CVI continue to enjoy each year in uniquely wonderful ways. Soft, mild, and slightly flowery, this bright orange squash bloom captures the eye and captivates diners.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this installment of our “Plating Techniques” series!

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