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Turning Up for Tasty Turnips!

Turnip has an amazing ambidextrous quality, being great in just about every application: blistered, grilled, fermented, poached, seared, steamed—and, especially, raw. Given its high water content, the naturally-present sugars caramelize remarkably well, and the smooth cell structure of the turnip gives us perfect lines with the knife. From the lightest, most delicate applications to the loudest and most intense, the turnip can definitely show up and represent.

At the Bar: Cheese Dip and Crudites

This combination is always welcome in the bar. Here, we lightly steam and dry the turnip before dipping into a gelee of Taleggio cream. 

Fine Dining: The Humble Turnip

This is a dish for Steelite Internationals’ new bone china by Rene Ozorio. We opted to use the humble turnip in this dish to show how anything can be elevated with attention and respect.

Country Club Dining: Caramelized Turnip Puree

This is a valuable weapon in our arsenal of applications with vegetables, and the recipe is in the book: The Chef's Garden: A Modern Guide to Common and Unusual Vegetables—With Recipes. This dish is also excellent with parsnips, sunchoke, and celery root. 

More About Turnips

We invite you to explore these dishes and more using the marvelous turnip. Options at The Chef’s Garden include:

We hope you enjoyed this installment of plating food techniques! 

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