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Ten unique gifts for home cooks: our top recommendations

Top 10 Recommendations: Unique Gifts for Home Cooks

The kitchen is the heart of the home, a place where families gather to enjoy good food and drink and catch up on the events of the day. This is the room where we create recipes that trigger nostalgia and those that are intriguing and new.

To help with holiday shopping for the cooks in your life, here are ten recommendations for unique gifts for home chefs.

#1 Best of the Season Box

All of the most delicious dishes have one thing in common: They use quality ingredients. That’s why our number one recommendation is the Best of the Season Vegetable Box, a gift of farm-fresh vegetables, the absolute best of the season. Each item in this box is harvested at the peak of flavor and shipped direct to front doors. By choosing the subscription option, you can provide friends and family members with flavorful, nutritious vegetables all year long.

#2 Marvelous Get-Away

A stay in the Chef’s Suite is an ideal getaway, perfect for a personal retreat or escape from the bustle of life. When you gift someone with this exclusive farm stay/bed & breakfast experience, they will be the sole lodgers of our gardens and grounds. Amenities include a full bathroom plus an additional jacuzzi tub. There is a king-sized bad and pullout soft bed, fireplace, and so much more. When you arrive, there will be vegetables harvested that morning for you and then a farmhouse breakfast is provided for your leisurely morning.

#3 Gourmet Vegetable Box

Discerning foodies will absolutely love this box of gourmet vegetables, so consider it for friends, family members, colleagues—anyone who has a passion for top quality food. These seasonally delicious farm-fresh vegetables and herbs, like everything grown at The Chef’s Garden, are regeneratively farmed with great care and plenty of love—and then harvested at the peak of flavor and freshness.

#4 Online Preservation Workshop

Tickets are available for our first event in 2021, held on January 5th, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. The Preservation Workshop is perfect for chefs and home cooks, as Chef Jamie and Chef Tristan use old techniques with modern ingredients and look at the future through an ancient lens. Each section of the workshop will focus on cultural staples, commonly found at grocery stores, with our chefs sharing intriguing modifications.

#5 Gourmet Farm Experience Box

Surprise the people you love with the ultimate in the gourmet farm experience, allowing them to revel in the items of this personally curated gourmet box. As they open up this unique gift box, they’ll find it overflowing with our farm-fresh vegetables and herbs, 5-ounce box of cut honeycomb from bees tended with love on our grounds, Tomato Marmalade, Carrot Cake Marmalade, and Pepper Marmalade, Flowerhouse Malvaceae Blended Black Tea, Flowerhouse Soap and more.

#6 Tea and Accompaniments to Cherish

Here are two unique gifts for friends and family, each focusing on teas made from ingredients from the farm. Choices include:

Flowerhouse Tea Experience box: This box contains three unique tea blends, each containing edible flowers, herbs and more grown on our farm, plus a 5-ounce box of cut honeycomb from our beehives, a sampling of our traditional mint, tea infuser, and wooden spoon.

Honeybee Experience box: This box contains a 5-ounce box of cut honeycomb; 6-ounce container of creamed honey; 50-count box of mixed edible flowers; Flowerhouse Tea (Green Herbal); tea infuser; and a wooden spoon or honey dipper.

#7 One-of-a-Kind Marmalade

This year, we have four incredibly flavorful marmalades, each of which uses freshly harvested product from The Chef’s Garden. Flavors include:

These delicious jars of goodness came about through the following marmalade collaboration with Prospect Jam Company. Choose the flavors you like (we recommend all four!

#8 Cut Honeycomb

Picture heavenly honeycomb filled with deliciously fresh honey—and that’s exactly what you’ll get with cut honeycomb. Harvested from our hives, this waxy comb is full of silky-smooth honey with incredible flavor. (In other words, this honey is so fresh that it hasn’t even been removed from the comb yet!)

#9 The Chef’s Garden Gift Cards

Not sure which fresh vegetables and other unique gifts to buy? Gift cards are available!

#10 Donate Fresh Vegetables to Those in Need

Many in our communities face hunger—and this may be more true today than ever. Donations are therefore vital in providing good food to those who need it. Farmer Jones Farm and The Chef’s Garden are teaming up with organizations such as The Hunger Network and Second Harvest Food Bank to provide nutritious fresh vegetables to those who are unable to afford or access them. Chime in to donate yours here.

All of us at the Culinary Vegetable Institute wish you a wonderful holiday season.

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