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Possibilities With Peas

Fresh peas are so versatile that possibilities can be nearly endless. They pair well with veggies and herbs, rice, beans, cheese, grains, and more. This is a perfect example of taking a vegetable and only being limited by your imagination. Add in pea blossom and tendrils to your brainstorming, and the potential for flavorful, new, eye-catching dishes expands even further.

At the Bar: Peel and Eat!

Picture how people snack on edamame, and then imagine them sitting at your bar, peeling and eating farm-fresh peas. That tastes even better, and sweet peas are in season months before soybeans—making peas a perfect bar snack.

Fine Dining: Sweet Pea Butter

In this dish, we made our own sweet pea butter with grilled onions, pea tendrils, and ramps from Cresto de Gallo. Delicious pasta can be created with Arcobaleno pasta machines for an offering that your fine dining establishment can make uniquely your own.

Country Club Dining:

For this dish, you don’t have to stand over a counter or sink, shelling your own English peas. The Chef’s Garden does that for you, allowing you to offer this wonderful dish with flavorfully fresh English peas without doing the tedious shelling.

More About Peas

At The Chef’s Garden, we offer a range of fresh peas, tendrils, blossoms, and more to perfectly pair up with the dishes and menus you have in mind. They include:

Each of these will be regeneratively farmed during the proper season and harvested at the peak of freshness before being shipped to you.

Thank you for reading another installment of plating food techniques!

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