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Delightful Cuke with Bloom

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Cuke with blooms offer up clean, crisp, refreshing flavor—buttery and nutty—along with a satisfying crunch while looking gorgeous on the plate. Plus, it pairs brilliantly with so much. In this post, we’ll share three ways to consider using cuke with bloom in your own dishes.

Petite Crudité

It’s no surprise that The Aviary crudités became trendy, famous beyond its walls. The impact of the petite cucumber with bloom attached hits all the right buttons on crudités. Not only are they stunning, but they also offer a ton of flavor in a familiar yet surprising form.

Lemon Tart

This dish is a classic that can be done up—or done down. Chef Jamie Simpson loves the ability of lemon tarts to evoke nostalgia while still leaving room emotionally for exploration. Some classics, such as tomato sandwiches, can’t be messed with while this variation of a tart plays into a beautiful botanical pairing—lemon and borage—that’s finished with a little salt before serving.

Salmon and Cucumber on Toast

Although this isn’t a new combination, it works unarguably well. We chose to use the cucumber bloom here because it means that every bite isn’t the same. We often look for ways for diners to find new flavors and textures within a single dish—and this one works exceptionally well for plated banquets because steps are limited, and you can prep in advance. Then, serve chilled.

More About Cuke with Bloom

Cuke with bloom is a signature crop at The Chef’s Garden, and so we knew we’d need to include it in our Plating Techniques series. By going against expectation (keeping the bright and velvety bloom on the petite-sized cuke), the result is a succulent beauty that’s ideal for salads as well as fish, chicken, and vegetable dishes—and more, limited only by your imagination.

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