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From Farm to Table: The Versatility of Baby Squash

At the Culinary Vegetable Institute, we celebrate the beauty and versatility of vegetables in all their forms. Among our favorites is baby squash from The Chef's Garden.

The versatility baby squash shines through in various culinary applications, from casual bar snacks to sophisticated fine dining dishes.

Here are three concepts that showcase the incredible potential of baby squash:

Bar Concept: Baby Squash Cooked Like Shishito Peppers

Imagine a plate of baby squash cooked to perfection, much like shishito peppers. They are blistered and charred, bringing out their natural sweetness and adding a smoky depth. Pair them with a tangy aioli or a spicy soy-based sauce for a flavorful bar snack that's perfect for sharing.

Fine Dining Concept: A Symphony of Zucchini

For a refined dining experience, consider a dish that highlights the beauty and complexity of zucchini. Start with full-size zucchini, meticulously sliced and arranged on the plate. Add baby zucchini for texture and variety, complemented by a smooth green zucchini puree. Finish with a squash blossom powder and petite squash.

Banquet Concept: Stuffed Eight Ball Squash

Eight ball squash, with their round shape and vibrant color, are cored out and filled with a stuffing. Imagine a mixture of quinoa, herbs, and finely chopped vegetables, baked to perfection and served as a stunning centerpiece on the plate.

At the Culinary Vegetable Institute, we are passionate about exploring possibilities of baby squash. From casual bites to fine dining dishes, this versatile vegetable continues to inspire us.

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