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Fabaceae Tea: Surprising and Delighting Diners

We’ve recently created a delicious new culinary tea—a Fabaceae tea—and we’re debuting it as part of the Eat the Rainbow box from Farmer Jones Farm at The Chef’s Garden.

Here are insights into this flavorful, literally eye-catching new Flowerhouse Tea.

Fabaceae Pronunciation and Definition

Pronounced as “fuh-bay-see-ee,” this Latin botanical term refers to the bean family—with our culinary tea having the following list of ingredients: Butterfly Pea Bloom, Organic African Rooibos, Anise Hyssop, Organic Camelia Sinensis.

Brewing Fabaceae

When you brew a pot of Fabaceae, the light blue color is stunning. Then, by squeezing in lemon, it transforms into a gorgeous purple hue—an all-natural magic trick with no artificial colors involved.

You can cold infuse the tea for six hours or add to 200 degree water for three minutes. And, although lemon is a common acid used to create the color change from blue to purple, you can creatively choose whatever citrus you’d like to use with similar results. This flower-based tea makes a beautiful mocktail to offer diners who prefer non-alcoholic beverages and it’s delicious hot or cold. Friends and family members will appreciate it, too.

Enjoying the tea cold? Uplevel your flowerhouse experience by adding our beautiful fresh edible flowers to your glass.

What is Fabaceae Tea, Exactly?

Our Flowerhouse Rooibos Tea Fabiaceae is a near-creamy tea blend that uses butterfly pea flowers grown at the Culinary Vegetable Institute to attract and feed the bees that we tend with love on our grounds. This ingredient is what gives the Fabaceae tea its vibrant blue color. Note that we also grow another ingredient: anise hyssop, a North American native plant that also attracts and nourishes our bees.

A Note About Nutrition

Butterfly pea flowers are rich in antioxidants, which may reduce inflammation and help to support heart health. Butterfly pea flowers may also help with brain health and are utilized for tea in top spas because butterfly pea flowers can refresh the appearance of the skin.

Unique. Delicious. Nutritious. Visually appealing. Flowerhouse Rooibos Tea Fabiaceae.

Get an Eat the Rainbow box today!

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