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Exploring Marvelous Mesclun

Go beyond salads with the mesclun mix from The Chef’s Garden. This flavorful blend changes throughout the year as the seasons evolve—so, by keeping our mesclun mix on hand, you’re inherently keeping your menu, the dishes you serve, and their ingredients seasonably sensitive.

At the Bar: Spring Rolls

These spring rolls are an easy bar snack that use the farm’s gomasio, sour turnips, and smoked soy from Blis Gourmet.

Fine Dining: Milk-Poached Cod

This dish leans on the versatility of the mesclun blend, offering up different flavors, textures, and colors as the blend seasonally changes.

Country Club Dining: Enhanced Salads

Even though our mesclun mix isn’t strictly reserved for salads, it uplifts any salads you create, providing a fresh, new offering. For banquets, it’s as simple as opening up the box.

More About Mesclun

For the past thirty-five years, The Chef’s Garden has continued to add varieties of mesclun to our mix, each having unique textures and flavors. These leaves range in hue from green to red to amber to chartreuse to lime to magenta! Textures range from crispy to buttery to brittle with flavors including ones that are slightly salty, slightly sweet, slightly bitter and slightly sour.

Mesclun leaves are harvested daily with the best of the day’s harvest included in the mix. So, it’s never exactly the same, which keeps everything interesting and exciting.

We hope you enjoyed this installment of plating food techniques!

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