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Edible flower tea: Say hello to our unique Flowerhouse Tea Trio

Introducing Our Flowerhouse Tea Trio

Edible flowers played a beautiful role in Victorian-era high teas, often used in desserts and salads, sandwiches and butters. Edible flowers have also been used in tisanes over the years, and people have floated delicate blooms—perhaps a stunning cherry blossom or one single vibrant lemon meringue viola—on a refreshing cup of tea. So, edible flowers have long been connected with the tea experience.

What makes our Flowerhouse Tea unique, though, is that they are custom tea blends, both black and green, that use edible flowers and herbs from The Chef’s Garden and the Culinary Vegetable Institute to add extra layers of flavor and culinary aromas.

“We’ve been enjoying a wonderful relationship with Rodrick Markus and Rare Tea Cellar for a long time now,” says Chef Jamie Simpson, “and now we’ve taken it another step forward with our Flowerhouse Tea.” Jamie has in fact called Rodrick the “Indiana Jones of unique teas” because of how he sources and uses exotic ingredients to make exclusive teas.

Edible flower tea is delicious all year round. And, as the temperatures plunge, it can even be more appealing to steep a lovely cup of tea and be cozy around the fireplace. To help, here are three unique teas created through our cherished partnership.

Lamiaceae Tea

This pleasant jade colored tea offers up a full and round flavor and a unique nutty taste. Breathe in the wonderful aroma! Ingredients include anise hyssop, verbena, lemon balm, mint, viola, dianthus, and Rare Tea Cellar’s organic green tea.

Malvaceae Tea

This variety includes Rare Tea Cellar's Organic Regal Earl Grey, a proprietary blend of high mountain estate grown black tea imbued with Italian Bergamot oil. Additional ingredients include vegetables, spices, and herbs from The Chef's Garden and The Culinary Vegetable Institute: cranberry hibiscus, roselle hibiscus, cocoa nib, beet, and vanilla.

Rutaceae Tea

Picture High Mountain black tea blended with five types of lemon leaves and two types of lemon peel and you’ll get a sense of the delights offered up by this tea. Ingredients include

black lemon, bachelor buttons, cucumber with bloom, lemon peel, and lemongrass.

You can enjoy all three of these teas in our Flowerhouse Tea Trio. Like all of our collaborations with Rare Tea Cellar, you can count on quality ingredients, top-notch processes, and marvelous flavor.

Honeybee Experience

Honeybees are one of the hardest working members of our farm team and we appreciate them for the pivotal role they play in the intricate choreography of the agricultural dance. We therefore value the time we spend nurturing the miraculous process of honey production that takes place in beehives tucked within our own spruce trees.

To celebrate this experience, we’ve created a Honeybee Box where each item is connected to the bees we tend with love. This box includes:

· 5-ounce box of cut honeycomb

· 6-ounce container of creamed honey

· 50-count box of the mixed edible flowers these bees help to pollinate

· Flowerhouse Tea (Green Herbal)

· tea infuser

· wooden spoon or honey dipper

As author James Norwood Pratt—known as America’s Tea Sage—has said, “Tea is quiet and our thirst for tea is never far from our craving for beauty.” We agree, and we invite you to choose our Flowerhouse Tea Trio and Honeybee Box to beautifully quench that thirst.

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