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Brilliant Applications of Beets

Beets offer up a rainbow of flavors, textures, shapes, and hues. From flavors ranging from strong earthy to sweet sugar, textures are deliciously crisp and crunchy. Shapes include round beets and elongated ones with colors including red, white, gold, and yellow. Here, Chef Jamie Simpson shares ideas about three creative ways to plate them and place them in glasses.

At the Bar: Beet Soda With Lemon Verbena

This past Valentine’s Day, Chef Jamie collaborated with other culinary professionals to pair cocktails with desserts with a focus on the gorgeous beet.

Fine Dining: Perfectly Poached Beet Pastry

This beauty contains a crème anglaise, pastry cream—and, of course, a perfectly poached beet—garnished with a puffed red quinoa coated in dark chocolate from Valrhona.

Country Club Dining: Red Velvet Cake Pop

Or, is it? This is really a beet salad that’s disguised as the cake in the recipe’s title.

More About Beets

In need of beets? The Chef’s Garden offers a range of varieties, including:

We hope you enjoyed this installment of plating food techniques!

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