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Bounty of Broccoli

Italians enjoyed the sweet cabbage flavor of this beautiful vegetable as far back as ancient Roman times. Native to the eastern part of the Mediterranean as well as in Asia Minor, people in England and America needed to wait until the 1700s to partake. So, we’ve got a lot of time to make up for—and here are three ways to use broccoli in a variety of venues.

Bar Snack: Tempura Broccoli

Serve the sprouts. (Seriously. That’s all. They’re that delicious!)

Fine Dining: Celebrating Broccoli

Chef Jamie Simpson didn’t use the whole plant in this dish. Instead it’s a head of broccoli that’s been butchered into sub-primal cuts, a veggie version of hanger steak. Delicious results include broccoli crown puree; steamed broccoli tips with mustard seed; blanched broccoli stalk; and shaved broccoli stem—a true celebration of this flavorful plant.

Banquet Dining: Canapes

This bite-sized twice-baked potato contains delicious broccoli and cheddar, a classic dish, delicately presented.

More About Broccoli

Fresh broccoli from The Chef’s Garden offers up sweet notes at first bite, followed up by a marvelously mild cabbage flavor. When diners see the surprising petite sizes of our broccoli, they’re delighted, visually, while benefiting from all of the vegetable’s jam-packed flavor.

We hope you enjoyed this installment of plating food techniques!

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