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Bok Choy: Bringing Out the Very Best

From culinary artists to sculptors, bok choy has long been recognized as a vision of beauty. Grown along the fertile banks of China’s Yangtze River for 3,500 years now, its gorgeous color and eye-catching shape attracted the attention of ancient jade carvers. Once imported to Korea in the 14th century, people used this flavorful vegetable to create the earliest versions of kimchi. In the 1900s, bok choy gradually became available in Europe and North America.

Here are three stunningly simple ways to bring out the very best in bok choy.

Bar and Bar Snack: Fried Oyster Salad

Baby bok choy from The Chef’s Garden is so unbelievably tender that it’s easy and delicious to serve it raw. Here, we julienned the leaves and stems and folded them into a salad of fried oysters lightly dressed with a mustard emulsion.

Fine Dining: Compressed Baby Bok Choy and Tartar of Salmon

The name of this dish just describes it all. These leaves are sturdy yet tender, able to hold up to just about anything. Chef Jamie Simpson loves this dish as an appetizer, ideal for whetting the appetite.

Country Club Dining: Grilled Bok Choy

Place bok choy leaves on a grill until the leaves dehydrate and get crispy. Remove them from the grill; dress them in olive oil; and season well. Finished!

More About Bok Choy

Bok choy adds delicious layers of flavor to creative dishes, offering up a refreshing cabbage and mustard taste.

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