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A Whole New Look at Lettuce

At The Chef’s Garden, the farm team grows lettuces that are so flavorful they can be appreciated as much as entrées. Here, we’ll share delicious, eye-catching ways to plate lettuce and for patrons to enjoy it in a glass.

At the Bar: Lettuce Mojito

Muddle a few petite heads of lettuce with sugar in the bottom of a shaker. Add half a lemon, a shaker full of ice, a nice pour of vodka, and a splash of yellow chartreuse. Shake hard (real hard!) until the shaker forms ice crystals around your hands. Send it through a hawthorne strainer and serve with a little lemon peel and another nice petite head of lettuce.

Fine Dining: Blanched and Dressed Lettuce

By going this route, you’ve nearly created a new vegetable, one worthy of exploration. Deliciously simple!

Banquet Dining: Salad

Black Olive. Browned milk powder. Rye bread. Salt.

We dehydrate the olive. The milk powder is browned in butter on high heat. The bread is torn and toasted. All ingredients are then processed lightly in a food processor and seasoned if needed. We made a few thousand of these for an event in Las Vegas. It was a fun passed appetizer representative of the farm in a world far from it. We believe these are great for banquets. It’s a brief experience for guests to connect with agriculture in a contemporary way

More About Lettuce

There’s so much choice when it comes to the lovely lettuce plant:

When you click on these lettuce links to explore possibilities, you’ll discover that many of them contain multiple marvelous choices within the variety.

We hope you enjoyed this installment of plating food techniques!

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